Maquinaria para aluminio, pvc y hierro

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Sobre nosotros


DISOMAQ is a company dedicated to sell, install, repair and set up machinery both new and used in aluminum and metallurgy area, giving full coverage as metal joinery, locksmith´s, PVC joinery, coachbuilder, trains, shipbuilding industry and plenty variety of activities in that sector. We offer high quality aluminum machines, up-to-date technically, with the best proved materials which can bring reliance and assurance required by our customers in order to work efficiently



DISOMAQ´S human team has achived more than 10 years of experience in aluminum machinery area, developing important projects, but not only in machinery´s installation, also including automatic´s connection installation  in the process of material´s transformation in order to obtain a large development, time saving and high quality finished products. Always applying our knowledge of aluminum and PVC machinery.

Nuestro objetivo

Our goal

DISOMAQ main goal is to satisfy most of our clients' needs as possible, throughout the time we expect to obtain a close relationship with our customers, in order to make you feel as part of your team, as well as we consider your experience to learn, improve and grow up with your support.

We are a responsible company with the knowledge needed to implement aluminum machinery and to establish every type of solution in your business


About us

Disomaq is a company born from a solid foundation: the experience that we endorse, the nearly 900 installations made, the trust of our customers and the support of our suppliers and manufacturers.

Our services
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